Buwan Ng Paggunita at Pagpupugay 2019

Buwan ng Paggunita at Pagpupugay 2019

Buwan ng Paggunita at Pagpupugay 2019 is a month-long celebration of life in honor of Filipinos who stood up in defiance of a repressive regime and all those who continue to uphold justice, democracy, and freedom.

This creative celebration marked by spokenword performances and a music concert is organized by the Bantayog ng mga Bayani in cooperation with Musika Publiko and in partnership with spokenword organizations Tadhana Collective, Baon Collective, Ampalaya Monologues, and the iconic band Buklod.

Buwan ng Paggunita at Pagpupugay 2019 Schedule

Here's the schedule for #BuwanNgPaggunitaAtPagpupugay2019:

Organizations and Performers

Bantayog ng mga Bayani is a memorial for those who stood up in defiance of the repressive regime that ruled over the Philippines and those who continue to uphold justice, democracy, and freedom.

Musika Publiko is a network of composers, musicians, performers, music producers, and music enthusiasts advancing socially relevant Filipino music.

Tadhana Collective believes that everybody needs space to awaken their inner creativity that is being held back by all the excuses from their inner systems.

Ampalaya Monologues is a group of monologists and spoken word artists who entertain, educate and empower audiences through performances that showcase the bitterness of love and life.

“Nagtatanghal para lumaya,
Lumalaya para magmulat,
Nagmumulat para sa sarili.”
- Baon Collective


The band was born in the 1980s at the height of the anti-Marcos struggle. Members Noel Cabangon, Rom Dongeto, and Rene Boncocan each had their own musical endeavors, but they banded together to form Buklod, which stands for Bukluran ng Musikero para sa Bayan.

Together with other cultural workers, they raised their voices against the Ferdinand Marcos’ government. They continued to sing about the social problems that persisted in the wake of Marcos’ removal, with songs that centerd on the lives, struggles, and aspirations of Filipino peasants.

“We discussed and agreed that so many things are happening in our country today and we believe that state of affairs is retrogressing – the war on drugs, mismanagement and corruption, inflation, misogyny, and the continuing attacks on institutions and personalities who don’t necessarily agree with some of the pronouncements and actions of the president and his allies in the legislative and judiciary. We felt that after three decades, our songs then are still very relevant today. And we believe that we can still contribute in raising public awareness on these issues and by providing our own perspectives on the same through music,” - Rom Dongeto, from Inquirer's Buklod's back and on a mission. (Photo and text from Inquirer)



Urduja is a folk, rock, ethnic trio. Listen to their music on Facebook.

Ada Tayao

Ada Tayao is a singer-songwriter,theater actress, and teacher. Listen to some of her songs at Musika Publiko's Finding Peace collection on Spotify.


Banda ng mangingibig at umiibig sa bayan. Listen to their alternative pop-rock tunes in their Facebook page and on Spotify.

Talahib People's Music

Talahib People's Music is the leading folk-rock world music band in the Philippines. Listen to their songs on Facebook.