Iba Yan - Ada Tayao

IBA YAN (that's different) is a song by Ada Tayao released on February 2017. The title is also a play on the word BAYANI (martyr). The song is dedicated to the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos. Just like what is said in the chorus, "Bayani raw, iba yan bayan. 'Di sya bayani. Iba yan." (Is he a hero? The people doesn't think so.)

Ada describes the song and initiative as follows:
Iba ‘Yan is an apology, a reminder, and a call to action. It is an apology to our nation, its history, and the people who fought for the democracy of future generations. It is a reminder of the importance of knowing and immersing in one’s roots not just in a cultural aspect, but also in a historical lens.

It is a call to action to never be complacent in upholding our freedom, to not allow future generations to confuse “Marcos” and “bayani,” to make sure that people are well-informed and discerning enough to realize that Marcos is different – not a bayani, but “Iba ‘Yan.”

This video project is for the People Power Anniversary. It is to show people that millennials do not treat rallies as trends, and that our awareness and consciousness of national issues do not fade away as fads come and go. It aims to use a modern form of activism, one that incorporates the use of technology and the power of social media. If Marcos has his trolls, then we will troll those trolls.

IBA YAN is produced with the Musika Publiko Song Production Team and part of the Songs for Peace Project. The accompanying music video above is a collaboration with Serafin Gozon, AG Sano, and

Below is a video of the song recording which amazingly is done outdoors.