LAPIS: Stop Extrajudicial Killings!

The League of Authors of Public Interest Songs or LAPIS is an organization of authors of public interest songs who seek to articulate through music, issues that affect society and the everyday lives of people. Recently they released a statement on the spate of extra-judicial killings in the country. Reposting it here from their website.

However you may put it, the fact remain that the new administration has contributed to creating this environment that encouraged the recent spate of extra-judicial killings. Summary executions have already claimed numerous lives. This has to stop!

This impunity, this situation is dangerous! It will encourage criminal minds to use the situation to their benefit. They can also practically kill anyone, their victims for example, and put markings associating them to drug users or pushers and justifying the murder. Soon enough, maybe even activists who are critical of those in power may fall victim to this scheme.

This matter lies at the heart of everything we stand for as public interest musicians. We find it our compelling duty to the people and to the followers of our music to speak up on the issue and stand-up against this killing spree.

Don’t get us wrong, we support without any doubt the efforts to arrest the drug problem in country. It is public interest to eradicate the drug menace. We however challenge the new administration to actively address the issue of these extra-judicial killings, unravel the truth behind these killings, hold the perpetrators accountable, and go instead for the root causes of the problem, including apprehending the big drug lords and their protectors.

We join groups in condemning the killing spree and this culture of impunity. We urge the Filipino public to remain vigilant in safeguarding people’s rights.


LAPIS Board of Trustees
Chickoy Pura, President
Gary Granada, Vice-President
Cooky Chua, Secretary
Bayang Barrios, Treasurer
Lolita Carbon

Karl Ramirez, Executive Director
Ada Tayao, Program Coordinator
Carmela San Pedro, Administrative Officer

For more information you may email us at or txt/call us at +63-932-8906690