When the Rains Come, Will Not the Grass Grow Again?

GRASS GROWS. Why does there have to be an “enemy?” The retired military officer who asked this question went on to write a book detailing his insights on the government’s Red scare campaign in the 1950s.

Like today, that time in our history was a time of political unrest, when socialists and communists were hounded, killed or put in prison in order to “destroy the enemy.”

But as long as the roots of the problem remain, the abuses, the poverty and inequalities in our society, the masses will continue to rise, Dr. Dante Simbulan concludes in his extraordinary book.

The Duterte administration is replicating the government’s 1950s campaign. It has chosen to ignore, unfortunately, history’s lessons about rains and grasses and the suffering people.

When the rains come, will not the grass grow again?

(The Socialist Movement in the Philippines: 1920-1960) by Dante C. Simbulan

Published 2018 by Pantas Publishing & Pringint, Inc.

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